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Research Reflection 2; April 2nd April 2, 2010

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Within the first weeks of this research, I have found some tools more helpful and interesting than others. I have now begun to bookmark my research in Evernote, which I have found to be a very helpful tool. I found that Evernote is easy to use and I love the fact that all my information is right at my finger tips. Evernote is a great bookmarking and organizational tool. Also, I have started using iGoogle more and have found some of the widgets to be very helpful in the sense that all the websites I need to know about are linked to one nice and neat page. Another tool that is helping me is my Google Site. I use my Google Site to keep up with all my assignments and due dates so I will never fall behind, my site is a great way for me to organize all the elements of my research project. I have also found that the the iGoogle is a great way to keep up with areas such as class links, our class agenda, bookmarks, RSS feeds, and my E-locker. A new tool to me this year is Netvibes. I never heard of Netvibes before I was a student in the Media 21 class. I have found Netvibes to be a great information hub, I can post links to articles and incorporate RSS feeds with no hassle. I hope that I will continue the good use of my research tools. I think that I am a better student because of the tools and my access to the online media.


Research Reflection Thursday, March 25th March 25, 2010

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Ms. Lester
World Lit/Comp Hon
March 25, 2010

Since starting this new research project, I have learned to use some new and interesting research tools. As of a couple of days ago, I have learned how to use Evernote, which is a great bookmarking tool. Last semester our class used Diigo; personally I did not like Diigo and found it hard to use. However, this semester I have started using Evernote and I love it the best out of any of the tools I have used so far. Evernote is simple and easy to navigate, but it also keeps all my research information in one nice and neat area, so I can access it with little or no hassle. Also, last semester we made an iGoogle account; I never really used it and never found it helpful to my research. Now I use my iGoogle all the time and not only at school; I use my iGoogle at home as well. I have found that the the iGoogle is a great way to mix my personal interests such as weather, shopping, news, music, and other areas of content with my school work such as class links, our class agenda, bookmarks, RSS feeds, and my E-locker. Another tool that I have found more useful this semester is my Google site. Last semester we all had Google sites, but I never kept mine up to date. I do not know if I did not like the layout or if there was another reason for not using it, but I never thought I benefited from the site. This semester we made a new Google site and now I use it all the time. My favorite features on the site are the count down till the project due date, and the To-Do list. I find My google site helpful in organization and time management. I think that using these new research tools will help me achieve my goals and make my deadline in a timely manner.