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I-Search Paper: What I Knew About My Topic March 29, 2010

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I-Search Paper: What I Knew About My Topic
Jennifer S.
PTSD in Vietnam veterans
March 26, 2010

Within the first few days of researching I have found that I want to so more in depth research about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder within Vietnam veterans. I found PTSD very interesting and I want to learn more about it and how it changes the soldiers. I think that researching PTSD is important because it is very prominent and it seems to be a big problem among veterans. I think that learning about PTSD will help me understand more of what goes on in war the the effects of war. Learning out this disorder will help me better understand the veterans. I want to research PTSD because I know a few veterans that suffer from this disorder. I think researching PTSD in Vietnam veterans will be a great learning experience

Right now I do not know much about my topic. I would like to know who PTSD effects and why it is such a problem. I think that PTSD can lead to suicide and death of the veterans. If the veterans knew more about the disorder maybe they could get help in settling their nerves. What I know right now about PTSD is that it is a state of paranoia. I know that one of the biggest triggers is sound. Soldiers hear something that resembles the war and they go into survival mode. I think that if more people learned about PTSD we could all help to stop the progression of the disorder.