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Reading Response Journal April 23, 2010

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I found a text to self connection within my reading. I made a connection with Tim. He made the statement that when his friend passed away he went to her funeral and she did not look like she was really dead. I can understand that, when my brother passed I tried to tell my self that it was not really happening. When I went to his funeral he did not look like he belonged in a casket. It did not really hit me until it touched the top of his head and it was as cold as ice. I can relate to the fact that the dead live, and I believe that my brother lives on through me and what I do and who I am as a person.


In one part of the reading Tim wants to get back at Jorgenson for his lack of esperience and care as a medic when Tim was shot for the second time. Tim went with Azar to spook Jorgenson on his night shift. After they spook him Azar wants to continue and talks Tim into continuing. If I was Tim I would have redused and gone to bed. I would have feared of being attacked and injury because Jorgenson would think I was the enemy. Tim is lucky that he can to his senses and announced his name so Jorgenson would not shoot him or Azar. Although in the end Azar kicked him in the head and called him a coward. So in the end Tim still got injured, but not as severly as he could have been.


A passage from the reading that stood out to me was, “We called the enemy ghosts. ‘Baf night,’ we’d say, ‘the ghosts are out’ To get spooked, in the lingo, meant not only to get scared but to get killed. ‘Don’t ger spooked,’ we’d say. ‘Stay cool, stay alive'” (O’Brien 202). This showed me how the soldiers dehumanized the enemy. I realized through this quote that they made the Vietnamese people into monsters instead of humans. Also I found it strange that they would say “don’t get spooked” instead of don’t get shot or don’t die. I did not realize how much the soldiers dehumanized the enemy. I knew they did to a certain degree but I did not realize that it would go to the extent of a new language devised by the soldiers.


2 Responses to “Reading Response Journal”

  1. blynnleon Says:

    I love what Jennifer said about her brother passing away I can relate with my friend Cooper passed away its almost like they are not dead because they seem so young. It’s true it doesn’t really hit you till the funeral or when they are not there anymore everyday as they were before. I agree with being scared that Jorgenson might get freaked out and begin shooting thinking I was the enemy. I agree that at times they would make the Vietnamese people dehumanized.

  2. keseric93616 Says:

    I think that the connection that Jennifer made was really good to help understand the way that Tim felt when Linda passed away. Connections like this always help me undertand the book or piece of work that I am reading. Connections always help people understand things, even if they are not books.

    I think that Jennifer makes a few good points about Tim hating Jorgensen. First, Tim hates Jorgensen because he culd not heal Tim before he went into shock, which caused Tim a lot of pain. Also, tim did not experience any pain with the doctor before Jorgensen, so he was not used to the pain and it was even more painful because he id not see it coming.

    jennifer makes a really good point about how the soldiers dehumanized the oopposing soldiers. I think that if the soldiers think of the other soldiers as ghosts, it would be easier to kill them, because they are not humans in their head. it is always easier to kill something for a soldier if it is not, or does does not seem to be human.

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