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Research Reflection 2; April 2nd April 2, 2010

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Within the first weeks of this research, I have found some tools more helpful and interesting than others. I have now begun to bookmark my research in Evernote, which I have found to be a very helpful tool. I found that Evernote is easy to use and I love the fact that all my information is right at my finger tips. Evernote is a great bookmarking and organizational tool. Also, I have started using iGoogle more and have found some of the widgets to be very helpful in the sense that all the websites I need to know about are linked to one nice and neat page. Another tool that is helping me is my Google Site. I use my Google Site to keep up with all my assignments and due dates so I will never fall behind, my site is a great way for me to organize all the elements of my research project. I have also found that the the iGoogle is a great way to keep up with areas such as class links, our class agenda, bookmarks, RSS feeds, and my E-locker. A new tool to me this year is Netvibes. I never heard of Netvibes before I was a student in the Media 21 class. I have found Netvibes to be a great information hub, I can post links to articles and incorporate RSS feeds with no hassle. I hope that I will continue the good use of my research tools. I think that I am a better student because of the tools and my access to the online media.


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